Oral Cancer Screening

The Bio/Screen Oral Exam light is a device intended for use as an adjunct to traditional oral examinations to enhance the visualization of oral tissue abnormalities. This lightweight, handheld device is equipped with high-quality optics and powerful shortwave LEDs to generate biofluorescence and enhance visualization to provide an accurate oral examination with minimal time.

The frequency of oral cancer is increasing every day.

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, the following grim statistics tell the story of oral cancer in America:

  • 48,250 – People diagnosed with oral cancer annually.
  • One person dies each hour of every day from oral cancer.

We offer our patients the peace of mind they deserve with BIO/SCREEN

As a dental professional, Dr. Barber chooses to screen to reduce the impact of oral cancer.

Our patients count on us to provide the best oral care possible, and that includes screening for tissue abnormalities that can threaten their health. Our innovative new oral exam system, is a fast and effective new way to detect epithelial dysplasia, even in its earliest stages.  Oral cancers have a significant survival rate when found in Stage 1 and II. 


You don’t have to wait any longer to get the beautiful smile you always wanted. Modern dental techniques have put smile makeovers within your budget. We’ll work with you to design and build a dazzling new smile—one that will make you look and feel great!

Keeping your teeth healthy and functioning well—that’s the goal of all our preventive care services. We want you to have a Classic Smile for Life!

When you have a problem with your teeth, our goal is simple: we want to restore them so they look great and function well. You’ll smile, speak and chew naturally.  All our restorative procedures have aesthetic goals.  This is true even for back teeth.  We care about function but also how restoration looks.

We combine new technologies with old-fashioned service to make your experience in our dental office as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Gum disease — also called periodontal disease — is a serious dental condition. If left untreated, it can destroy your bone and cause you to lose your teeth. Gum disease has also been linked to other serious health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. We’ll work with you to treat gum disease and show you how to take care of your teeth and gums to prevent future recurrences.

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